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FK Prod

Need a Creative Director?

I am willing to consider photographic, video and live performance events and shows on short contract.


What I bring is commercial experience, show design/management and a database of some of the worlds best artists in cabaret, couture and contemporary performance. Having run varied events I understand the delicate relationships between promoters, venues and financial sponsors/investors and can return good ROI to meet relevant demands.


We are always looking for new talent to use at our events or are happy to offer advice to those looking to become involved in performing, modelling or events industry.

If you are a performer please contact us and we will send dropbox/wetransfer details to a short showreel and details of experience. 

If you are a model please contact us and we will send dropbox/wetransfer details to send measurements and 6 recent photographs and portfolio (if available) together with experience.

If you are creative and think you might be able to offer something to us or want advice in how to get into the industry then please use the contact sheet in menu.

We have a diverse range of client and event and are fully inclusive of all people.

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Opening: 2024

Location: Global

Website: (from 2024)‏

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