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With the Right Language, Great Things Can Happen
Everyone has an understanding, you just need to find the right language to unearth it.

In 2000 I became one of the youngest lecturers within local FE sector. I never wanted to enter into lecturing but only did so whilst undertaking my Masters degree supervised under proclaimed Professor Emeritus, the late John O'Neill.

I spent 13 years in FE leading curriculums, campaigning citizenship and working with local governments on inclusion strategy before taking post delivering on degree programmes at a Russell Group University. 

I left education in 2014 frustrated. frustrated at the way that economics were overtaking student experience and instead decided that if I was to work for the benefit of economics then I would do it from commerce where output was honest about its financial incentive. 

In 2021 after COVID, and losing many friends I decided to return to teaching in a sector where I knew young people would need my experience. Even though I secured post at an OFSTED Outstanding College, it soon came to light that metrics still dominated the student experience. I observed students walking floors throughout lunchtime so not to draw attention that they were lonely, pressurised environments that saw students tested on subjects they hadnt even covered so they could collect data on them and justify their removal in fundings 42 day window and I saw a level 2 student being moved to a Level 3 course simply to balance numbers and then on her faultless failing kept on a programme she could never to achieve so to obtain an apprenticeship code so she could enter a different data pool (six months of confidence destruction it would only to be later found that she could not achieve apprenticeship because of grades from school in Maths and English). 

In commerce I served as a director for a company with high net worth clients from Londons financial sector and yet I never heard of a greater loss than destroying the aspirations of a child. 


It was here that Mr Educate was reborn. 

Opening: Nov 2023

Location: Remote or at our NerveCentre 


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