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Mr Ed's CIC

Horses provide fundamental component to our work and thus our appropriating anchor within rural setting is attempt to ‘promote the development and diversification of agriculture and other land based businesses’ as per NPPF guidelines by using the land and livestock to have positive affect on both the maladaptive behaviours of those with mental illness and promote positive behaviours to aid career progression in schools and wider organisations.


Originally sponsored by Staffordshire University with involvement with the ERDF allowed us to fund the ambition to support economic growth within rural areas with hope to ‘create jobs’ and ‘prosperity by taking a positive approach to sustainable new development’. The aim of the CIC was to establish a program that would encourage not only recovery but those opportunities where the resiliency and skills learned during recovery could be made transferable so to rehabilitate individuals back into a sense of normality.


Mr Ed’s Shed always wanted to support the Primary Health tier and CCGs through establishing a community tier within healthcare sectors and aimed originally to work to support both the Pan Staffordshire Transformation Plan in regard to Eating Disorders and NHS England Waiting time agenda within its wider outlook so to have potential to bring positive impact, both regionally and nationally, for those sufferers of ED and EDNOS. 


During Covid-19, the NHS first asked us to deviate from solely working with Eating Disorders due to the pandemics demand and we met those objectives at our cost. We are proud to say that during pandemic we were one of the few organisations to be providing face to face care to those suffering from complex needs.

We undertook this promise and supported our community clients by both directors returning to paid work to ensure the site stayed open even though all its private revenue streams, which it used to sustain itself as a business; together with funding all its community operations, had been forced shut through government mandate.


In 2024 we hope to re-open our recovery garden, which was a casualty of the pandemic, which will enable people who come through our services to care for something else other than themselves which often can be something mourned within recovery. 


Proudly Supporting the Staffordshire Community since  2017

Opening: October 24 2017

Location: Mr Eds Shed

Proudly part of the Co-ops Local Community Fund‏

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