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Residential Project 04




Hilderstone Stables, Cresswell Road, Stone. ST158RF



Project Lead

Todd Welton

Featured On


Mr Ed's Shed originated from my work at Russell Group University looking into strategies to help recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. Due to my not being able to find a viable delivery strategy, that was both cost efficient and accessible, I temporarily left academia to instead focus on a creative/ commercial career. Jung always said until the unconscious is made conscious we shall only ever call it fate, and fate within this instance would be my seeing one of my models at a show, I had built, going through Eating Disorder rituals. It was within this moment that I knew I still had work to do. My work in London had enabled me the space and investment to rekindle my research, fast forward some years and we developed a suitable delivery using animal and green care to fill the void which originally saw me leave the University of Leeds. I first opened the centre to help some of people that the fashion industry had swallowed within its clients demands and continue to offer resiliency and coping techniques together with respite for those who are not yet ready to give up the disorder.

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