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Stable Daze

Stable Daze was first developed to open our services up to children, but we have found is equally as popular amongst adults. Our horses have been an essential part of our centre since its conception because of the efficiency that they can manage both their stress and emotions and Stable Daze provides an opportunity to not only learn about them and their journey but also to learn about yourself along the way. 

Unfortunately we have seen some of the most disabling characteristics of poor mental health through our work, often a product of circumstance, Stable Daze can help provide some resiliency against the onset of some of these issues in later life. The biggest myth about mental health is that it is only an issue when we are suffering, we all have mental health and its condition is only about how well we manage it, and these principles are often created when we are children, although the human brain is brilliantly adaptive also and always capable of change.

On one of our Stable Daze programmes you will learn general horsemanship from one of our Stable carers, learn how to care and look after horses, and by doing so will also learn how they can help and look after you. 

Being outdoors in nature is the BEST way to support mental healthy, so come and join us and the girls at one of our Stable Daze.

Opening: October 2023

Location: 52°54'52"N, 002°04'10"W


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